Welcome to Dolopharma

Dolopharma healthcare ltd is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company products in Kenya.

we deal in the importation and distribution of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and non-pharmaceutical products from various countries such as India, Turkey and Cyprus among others

Through a growing team of qualified and devoted staff, Dolopharma always strives to meet the diverse customer needs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our commitment

Customer Satisfaction
Social Responsibility
Employee welfare

Our Values

  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Ethics
  • Results
It is our company’s everyday currency. For meetings or appointments, or execution of customer orders and response to queries, we always strive to be on time and prepared.
Our success starts here. Both internally and externally, our interaction with staff, customers, regulators and other stakeholders guides our progress. We engage to minimize misunderstandings through listening to feedback, as well as appreciating diversity of thought and action.
We believe that teamwork integrates talent and effort to improve overall productivity.
We understand that besides customer needs varying, there is also a change in trends. We try to improve through creative thinking and new ideas.
We endeavor to nurture fairness, integrity, honesty, trust and accountability in our company.
Our focus on performance enables us to follow our strategies and find solutions to challenges. It brings out the best in people while ensuring use of resources in a sustainable way.



Our Vision

To be the leading Pharmaceutical Products and services provider in East Africa


Our Mission

To reate strategic business partnership through innovation and quality products